5 Essential Web Apps for Developers

1. Online GDB

Online GDB is a browser-based compiler, interpreter, and debugger. It supports 20 different languages including C, C++, PythonRuby, C#, Swift, and JavaScript.

I find it invaluable for trying short snippets of code, without the overhead of firing up an IDE project or terminal session.

In addition to testing code, it’s also a great way to practice programming or exploring a new language.

2. JSON Schema Validator

There are numerous online JSON validation tools, but I find JSON Schema validator to be the best. The reason I prefer it is that it can validate JSON, JSON schemas, and also validate JSON against a user-defined schema.

It also provides a large number of pre-existing schemas against which JSON can be validated. I don’t use this every day, but if I ever have trouble parsing a JSON file, this is my go-to for debugging the problem.

3. Font Awesome

Font Awesome is an online icon directory containing over 1500 free icons. These include standard application icons, brand icons, and other useful symbols.

Icons can be downloaded either as OpenType fonts or in SVG format. In web apps, they can be used directly via JavaScript using the icon tag.

I find Font Awesome particularly useful in prototyping, to quickly get icons into an app before formal designs have been done.

4. GitHub

I feel this list wouldn’t be complete without GitHub! GitHub is a web service for accessing and managing Git repositories. It also includes features such as issue tracking, wikis, project releases, and kanban-style project boards.

Via GitHub pages, it also provides basic website or blog hosting. To me, GitHub is a one-stop for everything needed to manage, document, and release a software project.

5. Regex 101

This app is a simply brilliant way to explore regular expressions! It allows any text to be pasted and then finds matches in that text, based on a user-defined regex.

Not only does it find matches on-the-fly, but it also provides a dynamic explanation of what the regex is doing, including errors if you type something wrong.